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WE ARE happy to introduce the first issue ofThe Watchtower in simplified English. This new edition will be tried for one year, and if it is helpful, it will continue to be printed. It will be sent to the congregations at the same time as the standard, or regular, edition.

It is very important that everyone understands the information that we study in TheWatchtower each week. This is because the Watchtower Study is the main way that the faithful and discreet slave teaches Gods people today. (Matthew 24:45) But why is a simplified Watchtower needed?

Many of our brothers and sisters around the world attend English meetings but do not always understand the kind of English used in The Watchtower.

There are several reasons for this. For example, English is used in many countries in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. Our brothers in those places use English at meetings and in the preaching work, but they may speak other languages at home. Also, the English that is spoken in those countries may be diferent from the English that is used in the standard edition of The Watchtower.

Some of our brothers and sisters are refugees in countries where they attend meetings in English. But it is difficult for them to understand The Watchtower because English is not their native language. Some young ones whose main language is English sometimes find The Watchtower hard to understand. The simplified English magazine will make it easier formore of our brothers and sisters around theworld to benefit from the Watchtower Study.

Although this magazine uses simpler English than the standard magazine, bothmagazineswill teach the same truths from the Bible. Both will have the same number of paragraphs, and both will have questions, pictures, and review questions. This means that each person can decide which magazine he wants to study and use at theWatchtower Study.

We are sure that the simplified English magazine will make it easier for many brothers and sisters, including young ones, to prepare for the Watchtower Study each week. Jehovah loves the whole association of brothers, and we thank himthat he is using the faithful and discreet slave to give us everything we need at the right time.1 Peter 2:17.

Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses